Michele Krause – Cardio Tennis Manager for TIA

Michele Krause

“Improving in tennis is all about “touches on the ball” combined with movement. The Eye Coach is the only tool out there which can provide a maximum amount of touches on the ball in the shortest period of time in any given environment. And it allows one to move around, simulate tennis footwork, and get the heart rate up!” Cardio Tennis Manager for TIA…

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Murphy Jensen- Coach of Mylan WTT Washington Kastles

Murphy Jensen

“The Eye Coach is the greatest tennis teaching tool in the history of the game. … It’s the best and easiest way to learn the game of tennis the “correct” way. If I had the Eye Coach as a beginner I would have not had any weaknesses in my tennis game.” Coach of Mylan WTT Washington Kastles, 5-Time Champions  – Mylan WTT coach of…

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Billy Power – USTA National Quick Start and Recreation Coach

Billy Power

“Eye Coach gave me the direction I needed to make it easier and faster to train my staff and grow my programs. Over 125% in first 3 years after implementing the Eye Coach, it is now a critical component used in every facet of our program.” USTA National Quick Start and Recreation Coach Trainer  – USPTA Tester  – USTA Community Coordinator- Texarkana  – Director of Tennis,…

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Scott Novak – Director of largest public tennis facility in the world

Scott Novak

“The Eye Coach has totally changed how we teach tennis at the Mobile Tennis Center. We have 16 Eye Coaches, use them every day, and all pros have gone through training. We concentrate on balance and timing, avoiding concern over the side effects of a poor stroke. When you do this, the negative side effects go away. The Eye Coach allows you to watch…

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Tim Bainton – USPTA Elite Professional, PTR 5A Professional

“Blue Chip Tennis Academy has adopted the Eye Coach at all locations and has seen firstly tremendous improvement in a complete range of players. It is amazing to see the versatility of the device from on court drills, to up in the lobby whilst waiting for a court or at home.”

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Vanessa Pardo – ITF/WTA and collegiate player

Vanessa Pardo

“After using Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach with my clients, I saw a change in their behavior bringing more confidence, clarity on how and when to hit the ball and as a result a sense of accomplishment. I truly believe that all players of all levels and all ages can benefit from the Eye Coach on and off the court. The Eye Coach makes…

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