Jeff Wilson – Certified World Class ATP AND WTA Pro Tour Coach

Jeff Wilson

“The BJK eye coach has shown me a new way to reach the best players in the world. The usage of this amazing device has led to a major improvement in the physical balance, quality contact and consistent shot production for some of the best players on the WTA. I coach 3 players in the top 100 in the world. Their rankings have improved…

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Joann Lee – Named “Top 25 Heroes in the Game of Tennis” by TIA

Joann Lee

“I have been coaching for over 25 years and have found the Eye Coach is a fun revolutionary way for players to work on timing and balance – two of the biggest keys to player development” Named “Top 25 heroes in the game of tennis” by Tennis Industry Association  – Merit Award winner for growing tennis  – 2-Time South Carolina Pro of the Year

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Joe Dinoffer – Worldwide Respected Tennis Industry Leader

“Among the hundreds of tennis training aids that I have designed and tested in my career, the Eye Coach is one of the most effective in terms of helping players learn three things at once: focus, rhythm skills, and topspin.” Worldwide Respected Tennis Industry Leader  – Master Professional in both the PTR and USPTA  – Founder and president of Oncourt Offcourt, Ltd.  – Receiver…

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Karen Montavon – Cincinnati Director of Tennis for Park and Rec

Karen montavon

“The Eye Coach is the best tool I have ever seen that teaches children and adults, beginners and tournament players, the “need to see” the ball.  The thrill of hitting the ball, correctly, so many times in a row is THE reason to utilize the Eye Coach in all levels of tennis players.  If the Eye Coach can re-train a 58 year old female…

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Kathy Woods – Former President of USPTA

Kathy Woods

“Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach for Tennis improves footwork grooves strokes and establishes optimal timing with the ball with new players as well as experienced ones equally… and the best thing is it’s fun and good exercise. This really works! Great breakthrough for tennis and coaches.” Past President of United States Professional Tennis Association  – Only Female President in the history USTPA  – Oversaw…

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Ken DeHart – 2 Time PTR International Pro of the Year

Ken Dehart

“The Eye Coach is the best training aid on the market today.  A student can train with the pro and then train at home the critical factors of playing – balance through the eyes.  The Eye Coach allows parents and their children to practice the same skill at the same time both on and off the court.  The Eye Coach allows me to have…

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Linda LeClaire – Mental Coach for Top 10 Pro Tour Players

Linda LeClaire

“Repetition of positive thoughts coupled with action, is a key component for building mental toughness and healthy minds. Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach builds positive repetitions, thoughts and actions with each stroke. I’ve worked with athletes in tennis for over 30 years. This is a tool I highly recommend!  Automatically, clears the mind of distractions one stroke at a time!  An amazing “mental rehearsal…

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Luke Jensen – French Open Doubles Champion

Luke Jensen

“The eye Coach is the greatest tennis teaching tool in the history of the game.  The eye Coach is revolutionary and it’s the best and easiest way to learn the game of tennis the “correct” way.  If I had the eye Coach as a beginner I would have not had any weaknesses in my tennis game.  The greatest gift that the eye Coach gives…

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