Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach & the Science Behind it

Ball Striking Sports History – Tennis

Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach’s history covers a wide range of disciplines and research. Approximately 20 years ago, Lenny Schloss recognized that the difficulties of keeping the eye at the Point of Contact in ball striking sports was not being properly analyzed or corrected. Through studies performed by others and Lenny’s search, including an associate professor at Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute, the Eye Coach was born.

The actual product and on and off court ball striking system was developed through participation by coaches, players of all levels, sports training experts, statisticians and motor learning experts. This effort included 15,000 participants and 100+ top coaches in 500,000 hours of product testing; both on-court and at home. The USTA also tested 3,000 participants in 17 different cities with illuminating positive results.  He conducted a 14-month study to determine the statistical improvements that could be obtained through using the product and Ball Striking Training.

Ball Striking Instincts

These studies proved that instinctive athletic reactions are the most powerful actions we can use in ball striking sports, especially under pressure. The ball triggers instinctive athletic movements externally (visually).  The stronger the eye is focused at the contact, the less stress in the brain and the more we tap into and utilize these inborn hitting athletic actions.  The result allows players to become the best ball striking athletes they were born to be.

Ball Striking Skills

80% of the information we need to play ball striking sports is dependent on our visual system receiving properly timed feedback. Studies showed that most mistakes we make in tennis are a result of the eye shifting from the ball too soon. This shift causes stress in the brain, our weight to transfer improperly, which both block the flow of the stroke and slow the rate of learning and improvement. We have approximately 1 second to scan, track, and focus at contact correctly for each ball. If we can restore, reinforce, and strengthen the eye to stay on the ball until after contact, the stress is reduced and these movements become instinctive.

Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Ball Striking System: 5,000 Sweet Spot hits in 5 hours or less

Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach restores, reinforces, and strengthens our instinctive ball striking skills off court. It takes 5000 correct repetitions to retrain the brain. On court this may take years. By, practicing on the Eye Coach for 10 minutes a day, you will score 5,000 correct reps in the brain in 5 hours. These reps transfer to the court. Guaranteed. We call it “feeling the difference”.



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