Eye Coach Tennis Centers

The following clubs are certified and highly trained to teach Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach and help their students learn the fastest way to better tennis.


avac Location: San Jose, California “Almaden Valley Athletic Cub (AVAC) uses the Eye Coach in all the Junior Programs including Red, Orange and Green Ball, Junior Development and Junior Excellence programs. It is used in private lessons and adult clinics as well. All the AVAC Tennis Professionals are Eye Coach Certified and PTR Certified to provide the highest and most modern information to our AVAC members.” -Ken DeHart, Tennis Pro & Director of Almaden Valley Athletic Club Website: www.avac.us www.kendeharttennis.com
Arizona Wheelchair Tennis

Location: Phoenix, AZ

“Arizona Wheelchair Tennis incorporates the Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach into all of our training camps and some of our weekly classes at Ability 360. Our players especially like to use them to warm-up before matches.

I also incorporate them into able-bodied group and private lessons at Kiwanis Tennis Center in Tempe, AZ”

-Seth Haynie, Director of Education, Arizona Wheelchair Tennis

Website: www.arizonawheelchairtennis.org

Baltimore Tennis

Location: Pikesville, Maryland

“Baltimore Fitness & Tennis: The original home of the Eye Coach. Lenny Schloss owned BFT from 1990-2006. The Eye Coach plays an integral role in allowing us to train nearly 500 Academy students a week on just 6 courts. Our students learn faster, play sooner and stay in the game longer thanks to our training system and the Eye Coach”

-Garth Heagerty, Baltimore Tennis and Fitness Tennis Pro and Director

Website: www.fitnessandtennis.com

Berry Creek

Location: Georgetown, TX


Website: www.berrycreekcc.com

Blairwood Tennis

Location: Louisville, KY


Website: www.blairwood.net

Bounce N Back

Location: Marietta, GA

“Oh my goodness! We have only recently begin our junior program here at our facility in Acworth/Marietta, Ga and the Eye Coach has become an integral as well as dominant part of our training. The kids love it, the parents love it, the coaches love it, what more could you ask for, oh yeah – better strokes and footwork. We’ve had the Eye Coach in use 3 weeks and the difference it has made in our juniors footwork & ground strokes is absolutely phenomenal in such a short amount of time. Overall as coaches, what we like the most about the Eye Coach is the huge improvement in coordination of our 10u, 8u, & 6u players, again, in just 3 weeks! What a great training tool!”

-Eric Highsmith, PTR, Tennis Director BounceNback to Life Thru Tennis Fitness

Website: www.bouncenback.com

Calabasas LOGO 1

Location: Calabasas, CA


Website: www.calabasastsc.com

Dan Vonk

Location: Woodbine, GA

"I love the Eye Coach! Probably the best teaching tool I’ve seen in my 30 years of teaching tennis!"

-Dan Vonk, Camden Area Tennis Association

Columbia Association

Location: Columbia, Maryland

“Columbia Association operates 2 indoor and 3 outdoor clubs with 33 courts (18 outdoor hard courts with lights, 6 Har-Tru clay courts and 9 indoor hard courts) with an additional 6 court state of the art indoor complex on the way. We have a comprehensive program offering including ROGY, high performance training and adult programming. Our programs are complete and detailed that have defined and clear competencies. Through a “Principles” and “Game-Based” approach CA coaches add variety while staying focused on the competencies and processes to make players smarter and more effective.

CA is extremely proud to be a certified Eye Coach training center. Our diverse and experienced coaches are all Eye Coach Certified and USPTA and/or PTR certified to provide our members and guests the highest level of expertise and information.

The Eye Coach is a revolutionary and truly innovative tool utilizing cutting edge science that helps players do an excellent job of scanning, tracking and focussing on the ball at the right time to make them a more effective player. The Eye Coach effectively can double sweet spot success rapidly. The Eye Coach has been a tremendous addition to all our programs and lessons.”

– Anish Manrai, General Manager at Columbia Association

Website: www.columbiaassociation.com

Coronado Tennis Center

Location: Hot Springs Village, Arkansas


Website: www.hsvpoa.org

Dunwoody Country Club

Location: Atlanta, GA


Website: www.dunwoodycc.org


Location: East Hampton, NY

“Our EHIT staff had the pleasure of learning about the Eye Coach from Lenny Schloss. We were all very excited as Lenny showed us how we could use this tool in coaching our players about the importance of a solid contact point, as well as preventing our heads from shifting in order to achieve maximum balance and potential in each shot. With the Eye Coach, Lenny showed us a variety of drills that are simple to implement and can help slow down the process of learning for our students so that players of all levels can learn from it. EHIT is excited to add the Eye Coach to use as one of our teaching tools and also to help motivate our players to use this tool at home to help secure this concept into their muscle memory. In our vision to grow the sport of tennis, we have no doubt that the Eye Coach will be a great way to continue this at EHIT.”

-Brian Rubenstein, Tennis Professional

Website: www.ehit.ws

Eastside Tennis

Location: Kirkland, WA


Website: www.topskirkland.org

Eldorado Country Club

Location: McKinney, Texas

“The Eye Coach has revolutionized our players, changed the learning curve for the better, and modified how we conduct business forever. We have been utilizing the system, not just the eye coach tool, for 4 years and we will never look back.

The Eye Coach is great for the student

- It makes it easier for the student to conceptualize and feel the mechanics

- It guarantees repetitive practice

- It guarantees results

The Eye Coach is great for the Instructors

- It also makes it easier for your instructors to implement the teaching curriculum

- It makes it easier to train inexperienced staff how to fit into the program

The Eye Coach is great for the Director

- The Eye Coach has increased our players level as a group consistently

- Players rally around the eye coach and it creates culture…not using an eye coach is noticeable now

Our cardio tennis program has increased 200% over 2 years and the number of eye coaches being used at home has continued to grow…It’ll take some work, but we sell Eye Coaches before new rackets 5 to 1. Try it today and feel the difference!”

– Grady Mckee, Eldorado Country Club Tennis Pro and Director


Five Seasons Sports Club

Location: Centerville, OH

“The Eye Coach has taken off at Five Seasons in Dayton. Kurt Kopp, our club’s new Tennis Director, will be using the Eye Coach in all areas of the program.

The two primary areas we have used the Eye Coach so far is working with a couple of juniors to improve their consistency and with the 10 and Under kids to help with proper contact point and learning the “feel” of the ball when hit correctly.

One of the juniors parent said, “I have seen a great improvement in my son’s shot consistency. He has really improved his forehand and serve since using the Eye Coach. This is one of the best tools I have seen for tennis.”

– Bruce Stapleton, Chief Club Officer

Website: www.fiveseasonssportsclub.com

Four Seasons Racquet Club

Location: Wilton, CT

“The Eye Coach is an amazing, innovative teaching/training tool.

The first tip virtually every tennis player in the world received was to “keep your eye on the ball.” What exactly does this mean? When should we watch the ball, how long should we watch it and, most important how can we get better at watching it?

The fact is, there’s much more to solid stroke production than simply “watching the ball.”

Billie Jean King and Lenny Schloss break it down for you and The Eye Coach is an amazing aid to help you ingrain the proper techniques that will take your strokes to the next several levels.

In learning any skill, repetition is key. For many tennis players, getting to the court to get those repetitions can be a challenge. The Eye Coach gives you easy access to as many as 1000 ball strikes an hour. It’s durable, it’s portable and it’s always ready to play with you.

Every tennis player that’s serious about improving their game needs an Eye Coach!”

-Greg Moran, Director of Tennis

Website: www.4seasonstennis.com

Green Valley Tennis Club

Location: Haddonfield, NJ

More Information coming soon

Website: www.greenvalleytennisclub.com

Guilford Racquet and Swim Club

Location: Guilford, Connecticut

“We’ve been using the Eye Coach for about two months now, and already we’ve seen some great results. The great thing about the Eye Coach is it works on a couple of great levels. First and foremost, it gives players a new area of focus long ignored in conventional teaching, which is training your eyes to track the ball and stay with it through contact. At the same time, it gives players on the court more opportunities to practice this training and their technical skills in time that was once occupied by rest or ball pick up. The best part about the Eye Coach is, because the player is not concerned with where the ball is going (as they are with all other practice shots), they stay down on their shot more when using it, which carries right over to their live ball player. We can’t wait to see the results over the next few years!”

– Chris Marra, Head Tennis Pro

Website: www.guilfordracquet.com

Hershey Racquet Club

Location: Hershey, PA


Website: www.hersheyracquetclub.com

Homewood Parks & Rec

Location: Homewood, AL


Website: www.homewoodparks.com

Huber Tennis Ranch

Location: Cypress, Texas

“Liezel and I have traveled all over the world. As you can imagine we have seen it all when it comes to teaching aids. We both can say, all you need is Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach. Nothing works better on maintaining balance, keeping your eye on the contact point and giving you an avenue to hit as many balls as necessary to improve rapidly. We use the Eye Coach in every class we offer. Junior programs, Adult drills, Cardio Tennis, you name it.”

-Tony Huber, Founder and President of Huber Tennis Ranch

Website: www.hubertennisranch.com

Humbolt Tennis

Location: Arcata, CA

“I start every group clinic with a series of dynamic warmups jogging, grapevine and skipping around a court 3 times while running through agility ladders, cones etc. Then I spend 10 or 15 minutes checking eyes, balance and focus while all the students alternate forehands and backhand groundstrokes on the Eye Coach. I have them hit, hold their finish, check there eyes at the finish of the stroke and then athletically move through a figure “8” of cones. I am able to hit a lot of perfect shots with a class of 5-12 students and everyone is moving the whole time and we don’t pick up a ball for the first 30 minutes. Then we start the lesson theme of the day while the Eye Coach remains available between courts for a student that needs to refocus away from the distraction of live ball.”

-Peter Dauphinee, USPTA PRO

Website: www.humbolttennisclub.com

Ibis Golf and Country Club

Location: West Palm Beach, FL

“The Eye Coach has drastically improved the focus, technique, and mechanics of all our members.”

-Bill Maas, Ibis Golf and Country Club

Website: www.ibisgolf.com

Isleworth Golf and Country Club

Location: Windermere, FL

“After using the Eye Coach for about a month, I saw significant improvement in my own game. Tennis became more fun to me as a result and it quickly evolved into an easy to use training tool. It wasn’t long before my excitement for the devise transmitted to each and every one of my students! It is so easy to stand behind a product you know works. Simply the best system out there for game improvement.”

-Len Simard, Isleworth Golf and Country Club

Website: www.isleworth.com

Laurel Country Club

Location: Laurel, MS

“I started to use the Eye Coach in all my lessons with kids and adults of all ages. It is a great tool for teaching how to keep your head still and also helps me tremendously to correct technical issues such as feet positioning and follow through. Besides that, the eye coach provides a great cardio workout. I strongly recommend that each tennis family should have at least one Eye Coach for complementary practice outside the tennis court.”

-Bo Gard, Director of Tennis, Laurel Country Club

Website: www.laurelcountryclub.com

Lessons with Lucy

Location: West Lake Village, Oxnard, Ojai, Camarillo, CA

“I have found the Eye Coach to be an invaluable tool in delivering Oscar Wegner’s Modern Tennis Methodology™ to my students! With this simple yet powerful tool players learn and reinforce one of the most fundamental precepts in tennis, to keep your eye on the point of contact all the way through the finish. Without it even the simplest, most natural and effective techniques do not achieve maximum results.”

-Lucile Bosche´, General Manager MTMCA™/USPTA Recreational Coach/MTM™Certified Tennis Professional

Website: www.mtmcangel.wordpress.com

Le Tennis Acadmey

Location: CT

“After being introduced to Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach, there was not looking back ! no pun attended! Vanessa Pardo founder of Le Tennis Academy has integrated the Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach to the academy’s on and off court training with all ages and levels.

Vanessa who was once selected to train with the French Federation and experiencedrigorous training , never really had the opportunity to train her eyes in the way we can now with Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach.It was a missing component that now is accessible to everyone! We have seen many of our participants improving their scanning, tracking and focusing while correcting their balance and as a result raise both their game and the love for the game.It is removing mechanical play and bringing back instinctive play. The Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach will revolutionize all ball sports.”

– Vanessa Pardo, Founder of Le Tennis Academy

Website: www.letennisacademy.com

Lipscomb University Racquet Club

Location: Nashville, TN


Website: www.lipscomb.edu

Louisville Tennis Club

Location: Louisville, KY


Website: www.louisvilletennis.com

mamaroneck beach and yacht

Location: Mamaroneck, NY


Website: www.mamaroneckbeachandyacht.com

Maywood Tennis Club

Location: Maywood, NJ

“The Eye Coach can be addictive in a positive way.”

-Marvin Benzing, USPTA Pro, USPTR Pro

Website: www.maywoodtennisclub.com

Mobile Tennis Center

Location: Mobile, Alabama

“The Eye Coach has changed our thinking and method of teaching at the Mobile Tennis Center.With 60 courts, we have the opportunity to employ a large number of Full- and Part-Time teaching pro’s.In the past, it has been difficult for us to maintain a Quality Control Teaching Method.The Eye Coach and Lenny Schloss’ teaching methods have helped us create a consistency for teaching.Our policy is that every lesson we teach involves the Eye Coach.Because of the Eye Coach we have seen a dramatic improvement in our retention of lessons and clinics, as well as improvement in the skills of the players themselves.

As Director of Tennis, I am excited watching our coaches teach a consistent method and the Eye Coach allows me to easily train new tennis teachers.The Eye Coach and teaching methods make me feel like we are teaching a lesson instead of “selling a lesson” and I am sure this is why our retention has skyrocketed.Tennis can be a complicated sport especially to new parents with kids.The Eye Coach lets us “slow down” the action and show kids and parents how specific shots should be easily executed which simplifies learning.Parents watch our teachers use the Eye Coaches and get excited as they realize their kids have a plan to execute the shot and there is a method and progression for improving.I wish I would have found the Eye Coach many years ago!”

-Scott Novak, Director of Tennis

Website: www.mobiletenniscenter.net

Montgomery TennisPlex

Location: Boyds, Maryland

“The PLEX is one the leading instructional facilities on the East Coast with 8 new indoor (air conditioned) hard courts, 4 outdoor courts and more than 500 children playing in high quality junior programs weekly — both on-site and in several area schools. Hall of Fame Coach Jack Schore, who has coached top-50 world ranked players and countless college tennis scholarship players, also leads an elite group of juniors that includes several nationally ranked players.

The PLEX is proud to use Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach to allow students to quickly improve their level of play with proper guidance and plenty of extra repetitions on and off of the court. Young people from 4 to 104 and from all walks of life play at the PLEX and Eye Coach will enhance their ability over time. Our coaching staff consists of 12 Coaches who are trained and certified as Eye Coaches.”

– Jack Schore, Tennis Pro at Montgomery TennisPlex

Website: montgomerytennisplex.com

Mount Vernon Athletic Club

Location: Alexandria, VA

“We have adopted the Eye Coach at all locations and has seen firstly tremendous improvements in a complete range of players. The versatility of the Eye Coach is one of its best features. The tool works at every player level because it enhances a basic and necessary skill in tennis. In fact, using Eye Coach can actually help players from slipping back in training progress between coaching sessions. And while incorporating it into coaching as I do, the results speak for themselves.

– Tim Bainton, Founder of Blue Chip Tennis Academy at MTVAC

Website: www.mtvac.net

New Canaan Field Club

Location: New Canaan, Connecticut

“After using the Eye Coach for about a month, I saw significant improvement in my own game. Tennis became more fun to me as a result and it quickly evolved into an easy to use training tool. It wasn’t long before my excitement for the devise transmitted to each and every one of my students! It is so easy to stand behind a product you know works. Simply the best system out there for game improvement.”

– Len Simard, New Canaan Field Club

Website: www.nc-fc.com

New Canaan Racquet Club

Location: New Canaan, Connecticut

“New Canaan Racquet Club is proud to be a certified Eye Coach center. Our pros use the Eye Coach to help train players of all levels to scan, track and focus at the right time which helps them become better players. The Eye Coach has been a great addition to our instructional programs.”

– Chuck Milot, Head Pro Director

Website: www.ncrctennis.com

Grip n Rip

Location: Newport Beach, California

“The Newport Beach Tennis Club is proud to be one of the official Eye-Coach certified centers. Presently, NBTC offers weekly Eye-Coach cardio workouts to all it’s adult members and is the featured training tool for the popular Grip n Rip Junior Program. All juniors in our Gripper Developmental Program and our Ripper Tennis Academy spend the first 15 minutes of their training using the Eye Coach to strengthen their eye at contact and improve their timing. All of our junior staff are Eye Coach certified professionals who use the tool for improved balance, power, and timing. The improvement really comes when adults & juniors work with it at home. Beginning in January NBTC and it’s junior program will be offering to both adults and juniors a special Eye Coach Training Package ($200). This will include the Eye Coach, a five-week customized training curriculum, and two (one in the beginning and one at end)private one-on-one half hour sessions with a pro.“

– Craig Johnson, Newport Beach Tennis Pro and Director

Website: www.gripnripjuniortennis.com

Northern Foothills Tennis Club

Location: North Wilkesboro, NC

“I love the Eye Coach! My students learn and improve much faster. It also makes it easier for them to understand the skills. Greatest thing that has happened to tennis!."

– Beckie Mathis, President and Owner

Website: www.northernfoothillstc.biz

Olympic Club

Location: San Fransisco, California


Website: www.olyclub.com

Penn Tennis Center

Location: Philadelphia, Philadelphia

“Penn Tennis Center utilizes the Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach for a variety of training programs. For more information on how it is integrated into our programming, please contact us at info@penntenniscenter.com.”

– Jeff Harrison, Director of Racquets

Website: www.penntenniscenter.com

Prairie Dunes Country Club

Location: Hutchinson, KS

“I love the Eye Coach. It really allows the student to isolate the point of contact and get a great sense about where the contact point should be. We use it with our juniors from the age of 6 years old all the way up to our Elite level players. The amount of swings on the Eye Coach can really speed up the learning process. We’ve had parents purchase the Eye Coach and it’s been a tremendous asset to the student. The eye coach has been great for our program and I would recommend it to all pro’s and club’s.”

– Rich Slivocka, Head Tennis Pro at Prairie Dunes Country Club

Website: www.prairiedunes.com

Randy Ross Tennis

Location: Littleton, CO

“I purchased the Eye Coach approx. 6 weeks ago. I am very impressed with the quality of construction and durability. After using it in my program I am also very impressed with it as a learning tool. Even more importantly the players who have used it recognize its value and what they are learning. I have ordered and sold 6 units and 1 player bought one on their own already. This is perhaps the best learning/teaching tool on the planet. So many ways to incorporate it into privates, groups, drills, etc. And adding in the off court/at home use is awesome!”

– Randy Ross, Director of Tennis

Website: www.randyrosstennis.com

Rising StarsTennis

Location: West Lake Village, CA

“I am using the Eye Coach for quite a while. It is already incorporated in my lesson. One more controlled hit, on the Eye Coach! It is so easy demonstrate the stroke, let people try it out, correct them, and see the results right away. Focus is a key word in our game. Cannot wait for your support, so that more kids get hooked on tennis! In our time deprived society, 5 mins of hitting a day, it sings my song loud again!”

– Mila Horak, USPTA Professional 1, PTR Professional

Website: www.risingstarstenniskids.com

River Run Country Club

Location: Davidson, NC

“My coach tells me and what I can feel, I’ve already made major progress. And I’d emphasize that I’ve just begun to put the Eye Coach through the full range of exercises I know will be highly beneficial for me. My first serve percentage has jumped to around 70%… viewed in these terms, the Eye Coach is a major breakthrough in understanding and teaching our sport. Congratulations!”

-Student at River Run Country Club

Website: www.riverruncc.com

San Mateo Tennis

Location: Sunnyvale, CA

“At San Mateo Tennis, we use the Eye Coach for our Junior Academy training to teach our best and brightest how to keep their eyes on the point of contact. We also use them in our private lessons to fine-tune our students technique as well as work on their focus on the point of contact and timing. Our students love them!”

– Howell Shaw, Director of Tennis

Website: www.todddisslyathletics.com

Sea Island

Location: Sea Island, Georgia

“Sea Island Tennis, led by Murphy and Luke Jensen (93′ French Open Champions) relies on the Eye Coach as a foundation of teaching methods in all the clinics, lessons and junior academies. They eye coach is the most innovative and effective teaching tool available- teaching timing by identifying natural hitting and tossing instincts in beginners and advanced players alike. The Jensen Brothers believe the Eye Coach is adaptable to all skill levels and teaches players to focus on “getting to the ball” as a foundation of their game.”

– Murphy Jensen, Director of Sea Island Resort

Website: www.seaisland.com

Tampa Tennis

Location: Tampa Bay, FL


Website: www.tampatennis.net

The Tennis Park

Location: San Antonio, TX

“The best thing about Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach is you do not need an opponent and you see incredible results in a short period of time.”

– Karen Mannheimer, Director of Tennis

Website: www.thetennispark.com

Texarkana Tennis

Location: Texarkana, Arkansas

“The new Instinctive Tennis Academy has been turning the tennis world upside down. The ITA is taking tennis to a new level. The ITA unleashes the power of instinct using a scientifically proven training tool called The Eye Coach. Studies have shown that distractions to the eye are the #1 cause for missed hits. The Eye Coach removes those distractions and trains your brain to react instinctively (as opposed to mechanically) allowing you to learn 7 times faster than traditional training methods. The results are not only proven, but astounding:

- Kids will enhance eye-hand coordination for all moving ball sports

- Beginners will play with confidence after only 2 lessons

- Current players will take their game to the next level of play right away

- All players will improve balance, rhythm and timing instantly”

-Billy Power, Director of Tennis at Texarkana Country Club

Website: www.tcctennis.com

Trimp Tennis

Location: Charlotte, NC

“Having trained over 40 collegiate scholarship tennis players, I would highly recommend the Eye Coach for players of all levels.”

-John Trimp, Founder of Trimp Tennis

Website: www.trimptennis.com

Wakonda Club

Location: Des Moines, IA

“I love the Eye Coach! I use it as a progression in private and group lessons for repetition of footwork to contact point, extension, etc. I am going to love having my students use this at home for practice as we are subject to less court time during the colder, indoor months.”

-Bunny Bruning, Tennis Director at Wakonda Club

Website: www.wakondaclub.com

Xcel Tennis

Location: Apex, NC

“My Varsity Girls high school team has been using the Eye Coach, we are presently 16-1 and looking to win the State Championship this year – very excited. I’m going to continue working with the girls and the Eye Coach as we go for the Championship. My 8 and under team is undefeated and we use the Eye Coach regularly.”

-Styrling Strother, Founder and Director of Xcel Tennis

Website: www.xceltennis.com

Location: Lake Nona, FL

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