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Eye Coach Pro








Indoor Tennis Training Equipment

“The Eye Coach is a revolutionary product.  Just 10 minutes a day, your game will change forever!”


– Billie Jean King, 39 Grand Slam Champion


USTA Top 3 Product for Family Tennis

Find out below how the Eye Coach Pro will take your Tennis to the next level – fast! 



Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Tennis Training Aid solves the oldest problems in tennis – “keeping your eye on the ball” and “hitting the sweet spot”. Through video analysis and data we know that focusing at the Point of Contact is crucial for any ball striking sport. The Eye Coach helps player’s achieve perfect contact!

Tennis Training Equipment

The product is part of a revolutionary Ball Striking Training System. It trains your mind (eye) and body to work as one by eliminating the distraction of watching the “ball fly away”. The result is over 40% better balance, power and accuracy. These are the basics that you need to play better tennis and to focus like Roger Federer, perhaps the greatest player ever.

Practice at Home

Whether you coach yourself or take tennis lessons, the Eye Coach can increase your learning speed by over 40%. Since the Eye Coach is lightweight and portable, most players use it in a variety of ways. Practice tennis at home. Warming up. Specific shots. Cardio drills. It expands every element of your practice routine.

Drills on Court

All it takes is 5-10 minutes a day to see improvement in your game and in just 5000 hits these Ball Striking skills will become instinctive. That’s why coaches all over the world use it in their lessons and programs, including multiple machines on the court for high-energy relays, competitions and fun challenges.  Our tennis drills are designed to assure no standing in line or wasting time on ball pick up.

What model is right for you?

The Eye Coach Pro is designed for players of any ability level. You start by hitting at ½ speed until you are consistently hitting the Eye Coach correctly. The only difference between the two models is that the Junior is for players shorter than 4’2”. This size variation allows all players to make contact with the ball just below the shoulders.

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Adjustable Height: 32″ – 35″


Weight: 13.7 lbs.


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Replacement Parts

As with any product, the parts on your Eye Coach units will eventually wear out with extended use. When this occurs, please order your replacement parts here.

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Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 7 × 5 in

With Carrying Bag, Without Carrying Bag

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