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Start Rite Grip Trainer


Start Rite. Stay Rite.


Start Rite and you’ll eliminate bad grips and bad habits that are frustrating to teach.
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Challenge:  My students are having trouble learning the continental tennis grip – I need an easier way to help them get a feel for the continental and other grips.

Solution: The Start Rite Tennis Grip Trainer “trains the hand” to hold the racquet in a continental grip; felt by students as an “un-natural” position. By putting the Start Rite Tennis Grip Trainer on a racquet, an instructor can easily prevent the student’s hand from moving. Apply the Start Rite Tennis Grip Trainer to your racquet and you have a set of “training wheels” for your hand. Once the hand becomes accustomed and adjusted to the new position, the grip trainer can be removed. It attaches to grip quickly and easily, does not make grip size feel larger and it is very durable!


What can the tennis Grip Trainer do for you?

    • Train the hand to use the continental grip.
    • Eliminate instructor frustration teaching the continental grip.
    • Hold the racquet properly by separating the index and middle finger.
    • Grip the racquet handle the proper height without choking-up.
    • Help adjust the forehand grip from full-western to semi-western.


Set of one dozen.

POC Review:  The Start Rite Grip Trainer is an easy way to get the grip “rite” from the start. By using the Start Rite Grip Trainer with rapid reps on the Eye Coach, you can further increase this skill faster at the same time strengthening POC.

tennis grip diagram

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 1 in
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