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The ServeMaster acts as your “racket” for learning and training. It accelerates the learning curve by developing a better feel of the serve motion. The three models are designed for three age ranges: adults (3 balls), junior players (2 balls) and those under the age of 10 (1 ball). Select the correct ServeMaster for your age or get all three with the Academy Package.

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The ServeMaster is a revolutionary new tennis serve training aid developed primarily for mastering the tennis serve technique. Since it is so compact, you carry it in your bag for use on or off the tennis court. It simply and easily teaches efficient tennis serve technique to players of all levels.  As a result, you will have a faster, more powerful topspin, slice or kick tennis serve with control.

ServeMaster accelerates the learning curve by developing better feel of the serve motion.  It also shows you how to relax your wrist and grip, and let the racket head do the work for you.
FEEL is what opens the door to understanding a fluid, rhythmic and powerful tennis serve motion. When you can FEEL what is correct then you can start to replicate the motion and begin to make fast improvements on your serve.

How to improve your tennis serve technique with ServeMaster?

Serving is a complex series of movements that need to be linked together in a fluid chain of events (often referred to as a kinetic chain). This flowing movement creates the ability to hit an efficient and effortless serve.

Simply stated, on the down swing the weighted end pulls against the elastic cord that connects to the grip. The weight pulls in toward the hand on the upswing and resistance is created. As it travels further and the cord becomes more taut the weighted end increases speed and momentum takes it up to show you where the tennis serve contact point is. Gravity takes the weight back down to the finish point of your serve – across the body.

Why does the ServeMaster work?

Your body will naturally form the correct tennis swing motion and shape given the right tools.

  • Get the weighted-end moving in a figure 8 by letting it drop down and up
  • When you feel the weighted end fall behind your back simply bend your elbow. Let the weighted end “loop” behind you in a continuous motion
  • Swing up to the serving contact point and finish across your body by catching the cord with the tossing hand.
  • Your body will begin to make intuitive changes to keep ServeMaster in motion

When you can do this tennis serve motion, you’re on the way to a faster tennis serve with better technique

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I really change?

Yes! Players make their biggest and fastest changes when practicing while not hitting a ball. When you are playing or hitting you are concentrating on an end goal: hitting the ball over the net and in the court.  Therefore, to effectively change you need to feel and reproduce the correct stroke over and over without this restriction. Producing the correct stroke is the goal. With repetition using the ServeMaster you will see significant improvements with your serve.

Why can’t I just use a sock with some balls in it?

Using a precise grip is the MOST important & difficult aspect of the serve. The key is getting accustomed to loosely holding the Continental grip (the universal name) for a successful serve. Our hand, arm and body need to learn how they move & work perfectly together. A sock has no grip and varies in stretch, length and width.
The ServeMaster has grip markers to provide a reminder of grip placement. It is consistently weighted and sized specifically for different size and ability players. We have tested this product to provide maximum feedback and variety for players at every level.

Can I use the ServeMaster with an abbreviated motion?

Yes.  You may use it for abbreviated motions where continuous motion is used. In fact it will accelerate your learning. With abbreviated motions we have to learn to consolidate movements into shorter, quicker parts. Practicing with the ServeMaster will be a constant reminder to you if you are out of sequence.

Is the ServeMaster safe for kids?

Yes. However, please supervise children when using the ServeMaster. The 10 & under version is only slightly weighted. Teaching them to “throw” with the correct grip and catch the cord on the finish not only teaches them great technique but also ensures safety.

What if it hits me?

When the ServeMaster “hits” you it is teaching you. In fact, that is one of the most valuable principles. If the ServeMaster breaks down and touches you on the back it will teach you that you have a “hitch” or a stop in your back. When it brushes your shin you will be certain that you are not rotating from your legs and hips. If the ServeMaster tangles in the back you, work on relaxing and letting the swing take shape. Learning to catch the “cord” on the finish is going to teach you how to increase racket head speed and avoid a “hit” on the back. These are all invaluable learning moments that quickly teach you what is correct.

The weighted end is powerful so if you are not familiar with the ServeMaster swinging slowly is critical. Experience what it FEELS like and practice the swing slowly and precisely before swinging with speed, always bearing in mind that safety must come first.

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Adult (3 balls), Junior (2 balls), Under 10 yrs. (1 ball)

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