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Revenue Enhancement Program


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Revenue Enhancement Program

We will increase your lesson revenue…WE GUARANTEE IT!

We conducted a fourteen-month study! “The Point of Contact Study” has proven the industry has a leak and that by following this program the leak can be fixed resulting in accelerated learning and increase revenue for our participating facilities.

The Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Team provides

  • Ongoing support, online training, education, drills and reports by our team.
  • Our implementation team will train any teaching pros on the use of our patented system.
  • Our fulfillment team will follow up with reports to the director as we go forward.


  • Receive significant and immediate financial rewards monthly for inspiring practice.
  • Receive 5 new, never before seen, Kinetic Chain drills that can be used at any level.
  • Provide coaches a way for students to practice what they were taught between lessons.


  • Learn and improve to next levels of play faster with POC drills.
  • Receive on going inspired emails to practice from a 39 Grand Slam Champion Icon.
  • Gain increased enthusiasm to practice off court between lessons.
  • Appreciate their coach even more as they improve with practice.


  • Zero out of pocket incentive funding.
  • Increase in word-of-mouth and lesson revenue.
  • No inventory required.

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