Reasons why you need Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach

#1 – Great tennis technique is only learned through correct repetitions

The Eye Coach is designed so you can hit the ball more accurately, more often. The more you hit, the faster you learn. A little practice is all you need. You’ll see dramatic results using it a few minutes every week!

#2 – Experience what top players see and feel

The more you practice, the stronger your eye. The stronger your eye, the stronger your game! It all starts at the point of contact. When you can focus correctly on the ball when you connect, you’re going to have better balance. Without proper balance, you won’t be able to hit with all the power and accuracy possible.

#3 – Learn faster

Practicing 30 minutes at home is equal to 6–10 hours of live court practice.

#4 – Fits into your busy schedule

No need to drive to a tennis court—train at home at your convenience.

#5 – Build Confidence

By removing visual distractions, The Eye Coach amplifies your own abilities to self-correct. You’ll play more confidently, especially under pressure.

#6 – Practice 17 different shots

Advanced players and beginners alike can improve 17 specific shots. The Eye Coach is great for every level of player to help get in the zone.

#7 – Great for kids and family at home

Play together! The Eye Coach is a quick and fun way to play together at whatever level you play! And learning “when to swing and when to look” also directly improves motor control in other ball sports.

#8 – Have more fun

You’ll feel an improvement in your game practicing 10 minutes a day. As your mastery and confidence grows, so does your enjoyment.

#9 – We’re here to help you

When it comes to improving your game, we’re right behind you. We’ll be sending you training videos and regular updates on improving your technique, tactics and timing.





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