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 Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach On an Off Court Ball Striking System

Students learn twice as much of whatever you want to teach in half the time

There’s a reason behind most mishits.  When your head shifts too soon, your student’s correct stroke is being blocked, and learning is slowed. All this happens in 1/10th of a second. Often too fast to verbally teach or see…until now.


Studies also prove this “block” (mishits) occurs at the recreation level almost 90 % of the time and 50% at the pro level. These numbers reflect that even the pros are using only 50% of the skills learned under pressure. The groundbreaking ball striking system “quiets the mind” at contact and unblocks the correct strokes to get out on time to the sweet spot as learned by the coach.


It is compatible with any existing training program and every stroke.


We all know that instructors can’t always be with their students and we want the students to have the best practice possible between lessons.  With the Eye Coach System your students gain a portable 24/7 assistant coach and partner for 17 different shots plus topspin and underspin. The device simulates for the brain the on court reps so that these reps are transferable to the courts within a few hours.


Now improvement can be achieved off court twice as much in half the time…guaranteed.


We’re working with top coaches and clubs around the world to expand tennis with our groundbreaking on court ball striking drills that immediately “quiet the mind” and allow their students to learn and self-correct faster and most importantly trust their training.


The whole unblocking lesson system takes 30 minutes and the students feel the difference right away.


We provide free online training of the ball striking drills for all levels of play and group sizes.


The coaches program and support come with a 1 year money back ball striking improvement guarantee for any program and size.

Revenue Enhancement Program

We will increase your lesson revenue…GUARANTEED!

We conducted a fourteen-month study! “The Point of Contact Study” has proven the industry has a leak and that by following this program the leak can be fixed resulting in accelerated learning and increase revenue for our participating facilities.

The Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Team provides

  • Ongoing support, online training, education, drills and reports by our team.
  • Our implementation team will train any teaching pros on the use of our patented system.
  • Our fulfillment team will follow up with reports to the director as we go forward.

Coaches will receive: 

  • Significant and immediate financial rewards monthly for inspiring practice.
  • 5 new, never before seen, Kinetic Chain drills that can be used at any level.
  • A way for students to practice what they were taught between lessons.


  • Learn and improve to next levels of play faster with ball striking drills.
  • Receive on going inspired emails to practice from a 39 Grand Slam Champion Icon.
  • Gain increased enthusiasm to practice off court between lessons.
  • Appreciate their coach even more as they improve with practice.


  • Zero out of pocket incentive funding.
  • Increase in word-of-mouth and lesson revenue.
  • No inventory required.

Coaches Support Materials

(Click each title to view)

Drill 1 Balance at the Point of Contact Foundation for all levels of play.  Unleashes the power and accuracy in the kinetic chain under pressure.

Point of Contact Study Summary – Determine what percentage the balls hit is on balance and what is the impact of improved balance at POC on all levels of play.

Coaches Info – There are 5 leaks in the Kinetic Chain and we know how to fix each one.

The Impact of “Head Shifting” – to show that the difference between Grand Slam Champions and the rest is a fraction of a second and why the Eye Coach exists today.

Player/Coach Homework Sheet – A fun way to show how the Eye Coach can be used to insure quality practice at home between lessons

Lesson Review Sheet – For the coach to be able to show the student where the point of contact is breaking down and be able to assign a specific drill for the student to practice on and off court with the Eye Coach between lessons.

FTS Eye Chart – To show why the Eye Coach is engineered to simulate the average 1 second that the ball travels for red ball at 5 feet away to advanced players at 60 feet away.  The Eye Coach trains all levels.

Eye Chart What every coach must know.  To show the 3 stages our eye has to perform in 1 second for every ball and why we need a machine to train those 3 stages.

Cardio Warm Up – 150 balls in 5 minutes.  No ball pick up.

In the Blink of an Eye – A look at the impact of one tenth of a second in tennis play, before and after Point of Contact training.

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