Billie Jean King, 39-time grand slam champion

Words from Billie Jean King

I love tennis — just as you do, and I love helping others get the same satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment it gives me. Everyone wants to improve their game and that is part of what motivates us to play more often and improve each time we step on the court. I want to share with you an exciting tool that will help.

The Eye Coach started with Lenny Schloss, and over the years he came to an important realization that there is a significant gap in traditional methods of learning tennis. There’s no easy way to learn how to keep your eye on the ball.

So, to fill this gap, Lenny went to Johns Hopkins University’s Wilmer Eye Institute and consulted top neurological, bio-mechanical and motor learning experts. As a result of USTA tests, feedback from professional players and almost one million hours of on-court trials, he developed the Eye Coach, a unique tool that helps players improve their tennis by working on this critical skill. And the results are extraordinary.

The best part for us is that all players, new and old, pro and beginner, can improve their tennis, get more success and enjoyment from their game, with a new tool that does not require more court fees and expensive coaching time. Just do your ‘homework’ for 5 minutes a day, and the results will follow!

Since Lenny and I want to share our love of tennis with everyone, we’ve brought Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach to schools, tennis camps, and tennis clubs all over the world. It has been inspiring to watch players of all walks of life make dramatic improvements in their play. We are proud to have played a small part in helping so many be the best they can on the tennis court and we are excited about what the future holds.


Words from Lenny Schloss

Lenny head shot

  • All American
  • Top 10 US Pro
  • National Award Winning Club Owner
  • Tennis Retail Store Owner
  • Has trained over 15,000 players and 700 coaches on The Eye Coach

In 1973 when an injury forced me into early retirement from pro tour, I realized that I was similar to other players who drop out of tennis. I had not reached my true potential nor was I getting full enjoyment from the game. So, I began a relentless search to uncover the “missing link” to playing better tennis. I know that many of you have embarked on similar searches. In my case there were many dead ends.  However, at the risk of sounding a bit vain, I truly believe that we discovered the answer.  We call it Ball Striking Training.

The complexity of the science behind Ball Striking Training belies its simplicity.  The problem is that our head shifts too soon from the point of contact.  Our job was to discover the best way to develop the proper habit of “keeping your head still” (Federer’s Focus).  Ball Striking training with the Eye Coach is the solution to the problem.

When your focus problem is solved, you learn faster and enjoy the game more fully.  Therefore, Billie Jean King and I joined forces to pursue the same vision.  This has never been about selling a product. Ultimately, our passion is to make a lasting difference and expand tennis around the world.

Of course we realize that this is an ambitious task.  However, the process is now being accomplished.  Our tennis product has now been endorsed by leaders throughout the industry. It is currently used in successful clubs around the world and has a highly consistent track record with users.


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