Expanding Tennis

“We want to expand tennis by bringing the benefits of the Eye Coach to every community!”

— Billie Jean King
The following programs are partners of Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach’s mission to expand tennis around the world.

expand tennis



Kassirer Sports is run by Laura Bernstein-Kassirer, a former Wimbledon player.  Their goal is to expand tennis at the grassroots levels by running professional quality after school enrichment tennis classes on elementary and middle school playgrounds and  to be a feeder into World Class local tennis programs.  Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach is proud to have teamed up with Kassirer Sports to further our shared mission.  Kassirer Sports currently have over 3500 kids a year playing in our classes and are growing about 30% each year.

Laura is always hiring good quality coaches who enjoy working with young kids at the grassroots level.  Once they agree to hire a coach they will schedule school classes in their vicinity around their availability! Therefore, coaches will meet hundreds of new families in their community.

Their curriculum implements Eye Coach Point of Contact Training in each lesson and all coaches are required to be certified by Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach. Sessions run during the school year, Fall, Winter and Spring.

If you are a coach and want Kassirer Sports to help you grow the game and give you a bigger presence in your neighborhood, contact Laura Kassirer @ laura@kassirersports.com.

Website: www.kassirersports.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kassirersports



Grips Challenge Logo

Grips Challenge is the one of the best tools in the industry for motivating your students and organizing your tennis program!

Grips breaks down objective, quantifiable levels, rewarding students with a grip for their current level and provides criteria to move to the next level.  They have programs for ROGY (Red, Orange, Green, Yellow), Traditional Juniors with a yellow ball, as well as adults. Each level requires mastery over strategically developed criteria.  Players’ goals are directly laid out for them.  Your players WILL get better, WILL have a complete skill set, and WILL be more motivated! Oh and did we mention parents love Grips because of the constant feedback, structured progressions and enhanced value to your program?

Grips is an outstanding management tool for clubs delivering tennis instruction to large numbers of students &/or managing multiple facilities. The direct feedback to parents removes the questions, phone calls and conversations that take up your valuable time. Also, kids love the colored grips and rewards packages that we send in the mail every time they advance a level!

Grips will be implementing Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Point of Contact Training into programs to help students achieve the next level of success faster and to help in the mission to expand tennis!

To learn more or get your club involved please e-mail info@gripschallenge.com.

Website: www.gripsprogram.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/GripsTennisProgram


Tennis Smith



Steve Smith incorporates POC training in this curriculum. We consider him one of the premier leaders in developing the proper skills needed for every level player and coach.

Steve Smith has a common name and an uncommon background. He has studied tennis masters and methodologies over the last five decades. In 1981, Steve designed and directed the first comprehensive curriculum and degree plan for students seeking occupational skills as tennis teaching pro-managers. Today students of Steve Smith teach tennis all over the world. Currently, Steve and his associates are calling the system of instruction he has assembled as THE GREAT BASE. Their mission is to help tennis teaching and expand tennis around the world!

From family to federation, this short course and quiz will help bring clarification to early development in tennis along with basic stroke production. The online course is just under an hour of High Definition video and the 50-question quiz makes a great homework assignment for campers, coaches and all tennis enthusiasts.

Steve offers complimentary educational content on his website and Facebook page. www.tennissmith.com

Facebook: Tennissmith .

“No one can argue with the importance of the Billie Jean King Eye Coach as a training tool. The implications of shifting one’s head while striking the tennis ball strips players of the chance to excel and reach their max.” – Steve Smith


Tennis Clubs

The Eye Coach doesn’t just improve individual player performance: it will boost your business. Your clientele will improve much faster, and that will lead to increased loyalty and all important word-of-mouth referrals.

  • All the coaches on the same page! Consistency and quality control are built in!
  • Increase the number of players at group sessions
  • Increase coach income without adding to workloads
  • Improve mood and motivation as coaches witness the improvement of their clients
  • Increase summer camp registrations
  • Build a valuable reputation for being forward thinking and caring about your clientele
  • Revenue generating opportunities through select distributorship

For more information on building your club business, please contact us or call us at 843.743.6276.

Public City Programs

Play shouldn’t be hard work! The Eye Coach is the perfect way to bring a coordinated training system to your program. You’ll get more kids playing while reducing the strain on staff, who will be able to train larger groups. You’ll keep kids active, engaged and making real progress in tennis!

      • Maximize your staff and equipment budget
      • Increase your program size, particularly summer camps
      • Perfect for high cardiovascular training drills
      • Makes teaching large group lessons so much easier for the novice instructors
      • 70% of the time a ball is in play! No lines and no standing around!
      • Training new staff simplified to 5 hours or less
      • All the coaches on the same page! Consistency and quality control are built in!
      • Safe to use with large groups—no flying balls!

For more information on strengthening your program, please contact us or call us at 843.743.6276.


The Eye Coach is an excellent solution for schools to boost fitness programs. It’s a quick, easy and fun way to exercise, so students return to their studies more focused and energized. But more than that, the Eye Coach is a brain-based motor learning system. It helps build critical brain-body connections for better hand-eye coordination, balance and focus for all ball sports.

      • Combines exercise and motor-skill learning
      • Builds confidence and focus
      • Perfect for high cardiovascular training drills
      • Motor learning skills are applicable to any sport
      • Inexpensive alternative to outdated or overused exercise equipment
      • Quick to set up to maximize play time
      • Can be used year-round
      • Safe to use with large groups—no flying balls!

For more information on helping your school or district, please contact us or call us at 843.743.6276.

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