Our Vision and Mission

Vision – Learn Tennis and Improve Faster

We see a new era on the tennis horizon.  A time where people learn tennis faster and enjoy tennis more than ever.  When this happens they will be less likely to leave the sport.

Our confidence comes from a thorough knowledge of how difficult it always has been to learn and improve in tennis. We thoroughly understand the problems that exist and can help solve them.

We accomplish this paradigm shift through Ball Striking Training which trains the head (eyes) to no longer shift during the crucial last micro-second of any shot.

The magnitude of this change cannot be underestimated.  It improves the entire kinetic chain…creating dramatic and rapid changes in our play.

Mission – Expand Tennis Around the World
  • Provide an exciting system that improves every player’s skills
  • Deliver “Perfect Practice” at home with a portable product
  • Retain more people in the sport
  • Make a difference for generations to come
  • Form partnerships with others with a similar vision


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