8 Ways The Eye Coach Will Help Expand Your Business

The Eye Coach is your new best friend, for two reasons. First, it’s simply the best way for your students to help you strengthen your eye at contact.

And second, the Eye Coach is designed so players hit the ball more accurately, more often. Your students can practice at home and easily score 1,000 extra repetitions per week.

30 minutes a week with the Eye Coach is equal to 6–10 hours of practice on court. Your students will see dramatic improvements in their power and accuracy almost immediately.

And that’s good for business…

#1 – Retain more students

The faster they learn, the longer they’ll stay!

#2 – Attract new students

In addition to your reputation, new students will seek you out as an Eye Coach specialist.

#3 – Increase group session efficiency and sizes

The Eye Coach is like having an assistant coach exactly at the right time. The Eye Coach does the ball feeding for you perfectly every time, and strengthen your eye at contact so you can focus 100% on technique and footwork.

#4 – Great for kids

Practice is so quick and fun, they’ll never get bored playing with The Eye Coach!

#5 – Add a whole new revenue stream

The Eye Coach Partnership Program offers additional revenue opportunities with no risk to you.

#6 – Maximize off-court training time

Your students train at home at their convenience. Imagine your students practicing 6–10 hours per week between lessons in your program!

#7 – Business-building ideas at your fingers

To help you make the Eye Coach a valuable coaching tool, we’ll be sending you great materials and ideas to help you help your students up their game.

#8 – The Perfect Ball Feeder

Scientifically engineered to do the following


  • To simulate live ball play
  • Allow the coach to focus more on coaching than ball feeding
  • To be used as a ball feeder on court and a practice partner between lessons
  • Allow the coach to teach from 3 feet away when needed
  • Perfect for all levels; red ball to high performance plus cardio tennis
  • Feeds 300 balls in 10 minutes with no ball pickup time wasted (that’s a whole basket)
  • To save the coaches arm 100’s of balls a week and 100’s of dollars a year in ball costs


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