3 Tennis Training Aids Your Child Can Use to Practice Alone

tennis training aids

With social distancing in place from COVID-19, your child may have trouble finding tennis camps or even a partner to hone his or her beginning skills. Thankfully, there are lots of training aids that you can find online that your child can use on his or own, whether he or she practices on your driveway, in your yard, or at a local park. Here…

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Tennis Training Equipment For Improving Your Game

tennis training equipment

If you’re relatively new to the sport of tennis and you’re hoping to improve, there are several different types of tennis training equipment that you can work toward this goal. Practicing with a partner is obviously important, and you may also wish to recruit help from a local instructor. When you’re not actively working with someone else, however, you don’t need to let your…

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Game Point! 4 Tips To Help You Improve Your Tennis Game

tennis training aid

Incorporate a Tennis Training Aid If you’re not using a tennis training aid to improve your tennis game, now’s the time to start. There are tennis training aids to address all your problem areas. If you’re just starting out, you may have trouble getting the right angle on the ball. Unfortunately, getting the wrong angle can have a negative effect on your game. One…

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You’ve tried everything to improve your tennis game.

We know it’s frustrating. So let us help. More than that… Let us guarantee your improvement.   Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach is the secret. It retrains your eyes, brain and body to work as a team. Sweet Spot hits increase immediately. Power, accuracy and balance rapidly improve. Only 5 minutes at day at home or on the court. Sounds impossible?  It isn’t. That’s…

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Gain a Federer-like skill…quickly

Sound impossible?  It isn’t. The secret is accurately focusing at the point of contact. When this happens, your whole game improves. We can give you this skill.  In fact, we guarantee it. The portable Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach works at-home or on-court. Practice 17 shots for only a short time a day. The results will amaze you.  We promise. CLICK HERE TO BUY…

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WTCA NY Conference 2019

President and Founder of Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach, Lenny Schloss At the 2019 WTCA Conference in NY, Lenny will be presenting a new rhythm in tennis coaching that is based on the brain for the last 10 seconds before, during, and after contact. It’s called VHML (Visualize-Hit-Move-Look).   It’s perfect for players of all levels and makes coaches more productive with lessons.  …

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Do you wish it were easier to find someone your level to play tennis with?

If you’ve ever wished it were easier to find someone your level to play tennis with… Then you might be interested in this cool thing our friend Scott Baxter from PlayYourCourt put together: It’s an online tennis community that matches up players based on their location, level, and how they like to spend time on the court… Whether you’re looking for a practice partner…

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US OPEN 2018! You WANT to open this!

US Open 2018 is here! Simply head over to Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach FACEBOOK to LIKE, COMMENT YOUR ANSWER, and SHARE the below photo. It’s easily found at the top of our page.  https://www.facebook.com/TheEyeCoach/?fb_dtsg_ag=AdyR3xb8pStNHq9b4gw-EbD5Xy4f0XKIZaahlSWm7uIPuA%3AAdz34OjLMvfJlVlGT6qLdcItu5hSGBdKIt-8ZcaA1CDkYw Then be sure to follow BOTH Holabird Sports and Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach on Facebook. You will entered into a random drawing to WIN your very own Billie…

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Local tennis pro’s Eye Coach tech has Billie Jean King endorsement By James Beck Special to The Post and Courier

Billie Jean King doesn’t put her name on just anything. The U.S. Open’s Billie Jean King National Tennis Center is a testament to her greatness. That’s why it’s worth watching and following the story of Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach. “Everything in one’s game starts there,” King said Monday night from Wimbledon. “There” is the point of contact. And that’s what the Eye Coach…

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