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Welcome to Billie Jean King’s Affiliate Program.

The easiest way to earn money while helping others grow in tennis.

Do you have your own Web site? If so, you can earn an easy commission by selling Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach!

We are an award-winning tennis system offering a way for people to learn and improve in tennis faster.  This happens with the best portable home training system available.

Our confidence comes from years of study and providing Eye Coaches to 41 countries.  We know how difficult it can be to learn a new sport.  We thoroughly understand the problems that exist…more importantly, we can solve them.

Stop head shifting and practice 17 different shots

We accomplish player success through Point of Contact Training.  We train the head (eyes) to stop shifting during the crucial last micro-second of any shot.

The magnitude of this change cannot be underestimated.  It improves the entire kinetic chain…creating dramatic changes in our play.  Power, accuracy and agility all change rapid improvements.

Why Join?

  • It’s simple and takes none of your time
  • There is no downside or risk
  • Your purchasers receive an Eye Coach discount
  • Earn $20 commission for Eye Coach sold
  • We’ll share your link shared on our website (optional)
  • This is the perfect way to help friends and students practice at home, between lessons.  Plus the Eye Coach is totally portable for use on the court. 

How does the Affiliate Program Work?

  1. Simply complete the Affiliate Application online below.
  2. When approved, add a personal link (provided by our team) to your website, social media or to add to emails. (we’ll show you how.)
  3. People purchasing through your link (such as your students) receive a $10 discount on Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach.

  4. We then capture anyone who uses the link to purchase and pay you directly every month. (No coupon code required.  We do all the work.)

Getting Started 

To get started, just click the link below to begin your application.

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